The AQUA CURA® PAUL Membrane Filter Module is the core part of the AQUA CURA® PAUL Station. The filter can be ordered solely or integrated with the AQUA CURA® PAUL Station.




The AQUA CURA® PAUL Station is a unique new tool in decentralised water supply with the following main features:


✓ Delivering >1,200 Liter water per day (up to 6,000 Liter/day depending on circumstances)

✓ Excellent water quality: bacteria and viruses are removed by 99.99% (avg.), up to 99.99999% certified by UBA, Federal Environmental Agency, Germany

✓ No energy

✓ No chemicals

✓ Absolutely robust, no moving parts, long lifetime  

✓ No maintenance in emergencies and disasters, minimum maintenance in permanent use over many years

✓ Portable by one person on the back

✓ No skilled personnel needed

✓ Operation manual comprises of four pictograms, thus AQUA CURA® PAUL Station can be used even by illiterates





Configuration example of an AQUA CURA® PAUL Station




AQUA CURA® Product List


Order No.   Product
AC80100   AQUA CURA® PAUL Standard Unit ASU
AC80101   OPV - Overfilling Protection with Outlet
+ optional: LWS Low Waterlevel Warning System
AC80102   Set 1: Set Connection RWT to ASU
AC80103   Set 2: Set Connection ASU to FWT
AC80104   Set 3: Set Outlet FWT
AC80105   Side Outlet with Hose
AC80106   OPS - Overfill Protection Switch for RWT
AC80107   RPS - Run-dry Protection Switch for Pump
AC80108   Solar DC Pump
AC80109   Solar Panel
AC80110   MFM (Membran-Filter-Modul)





If used appropriately, the warranty of the membrane filter module is 8 years and 3 years for the accessoires.
The expected durability of the membrane filter is 25 years.
This number mainly depends on the water contamination and the frequency of cleaning.




The membrane filter module cannot remove toxics, heavy metals, or other pollutants, that are soluble or smaller than about 0,1 μm (100 nm).
It is not made for waste water treatment. It cannot replace a waste water treatment plant. Therefore, you must not fill the unit with raw waste water.
The quality of the filtrate depends on the quality of water that was added. The filtered water will be of better quality than the water that was filled inside.




AQUA CURA PAUL Assembly Instruction
ACP_ Assembly_Instruction.pdf
PDF-Dokument [920.6 KB]